Mexico v USMNT Package Q&A

We have been receiving a lot of questions about the Mexico v. USMNT Travel Package to CDMX. Here we detail some of them and answer them. If you believe we did not answer your question on here then please email us at

Q: Why do members pay $605.00 and non members pay $650.00 for the same travel package? Is there a difference?
A: There is no difference between the packages. The price difference is because Members are always rewarded with lower prices in tickets, packages, and merchandise. 

Q: I don't want to buy the package, can I just buy match tickets with PVA?
A: You can absolutely just purchase single game tickets. However, you are not eligible for any of the package activities. You cannot participate in the welcome dinner, tailgate, party bus, and much more. 

Q: Where are the PVA tickets located?
A: Our exact section has not been determined. We have been told our section will be midlevel, category II, and provided in final detail in May 2017. 

Q: If I buy tickets only can I still go to the welcome dinner party, tailgate, and party bus?
A: No. Ticket only purchases are only for tickets. Depending on how many packages are sold we may open up these events for an additional fee. However, we do not anticipate many entrances like this to the events. Its better for you to purchase your entire package and just party it up!

Q: What hotel will you be staying at?
A: The hotel is a 3 star hotel, 4 star on Google Reviews, near Reforma and all the other great locations in the city. We cannot release the name of the hotel until the package closes. 

Q: What is the welcome dinner party?
A: The welcome dinner is exactly that, a welcome dinner for everyone who purchased a travel package. You will party at the Museo de Tequila y Mezcal on the famous Plaza Garibaldi, where the essence of Mexico City takes life! The event will be a 5 hours Mexican Celebration of a museum tour, tasting, mariachi, ballet folklorico, musica, DJ, floridor de riate, food, and an open bar with the finest in Mexican tequila and mezcal!

Q: What time is the welcome dinner party?
A: The party will begin at 9:30pm and end at 2:30am. It is your obligation to book your flight early enough to arrive at the event on time. 

Q: Can I sleep 4 people to a room?
A: No, room capacity is two people per room and that is how the package is structured. These are the hotel rules not ours. 

Q: I am going by myself, can I just book a single room? Can you provide me a roommate?
A: You cannot book a room by yourself. You need to find a roommate yourself, we are not comfortable with assigning roommates. However, you have no idea which friends you will make while traveling with PVA!

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