Ticket Q & A

We have been receiving questions regarding how Pancho Villa's Army Supporter Section tickets work. Here are some answers for you to review. If you do not see your particular question on this page please email us and we will respond and post it here for others knowledge. 

Q: Why do members pay a lower price than non members?
A: We always discount tickets for our members. Its one of the benefits of being a Soldado of Pancho Villa's Army! Want the discount too? Join up, www.PanchoVillasArmy.com and click JOIN!

Q: When do I get my tickets?
A: Tickets are shipped depending on the date listed on the order form. You will get them on time! We ship all at once. 

Q: What fees are you putting on the ticket?
A: Stadium fees, paypal fees, and shipping and handling. 

Q: How many tickets can a member buy?
A: It depends on the game. It usually 4 or more but sometimes, for big games, it may only be 2 tickets per membership. However, we allow members to buy the member quantity and then buy some more at non member price. 

Q: Can I sit with my friend who already bought their tickets?
A: No. We simply can not put friends together by trying to figure out orders in the system. The best way for you to sit together is for you to purchase in one complete group order because all orders are sat together.

Q: Do I have to chant and cheer?
A: No, but its part of the draw of sitting with PVA. This is a supporter section, we are hear to chant and sing until our voice goes away! 

Q: What if I want more than 12 tickets?
A: Email us at Contact@PanchoVillasArmy.com

Q: Can I request my seat location?
A: No, tickets are mailed out on a first come first serve basis.

Q: How do I know where I will sit?
A: You don't know your seat and row number until the hard copy ticket arrives. Thats how supporter sections work. You are buying an experience not just a ticket. You will sit with the best and only Mexican Soccer Support Group in the sections listed on the registration page. You will have drums, flags, banners, and chanting. That is what matters!

Q: Why do you send hard copy tickets, can't I get them digital and print them out?
A: No! We are real Mexico soccer fans! We collect our tickets! We collect our dog tags!