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A New Perspective in Fandom

A New Perspective in Fandom

August 26, 2019 1 Comment

After the unexpected retirement of Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck, it reminds us that athletes are human and their values and decisions are theirs to make. These decisions are prevalent in all sports, including players of the Mexican National team like Carlos Vela, 'Tecatico' Corona, and Hector Herrera who chose not to play in this year's Copa Oro.

As fans of the Mexican National team, our expectations are higher than any other fans, and we are quick to pass judgment on players who pass the opportunity to play for El Tri, including me. When we take a step back and realize that our favorite players are human too, it becomes easier for us to understand that their decisions are driven by what matters to them most.

 This summer, Mexico fans were up in arms when several key players decided to pass in this year's Gold Cup. Whether it was because of injury, other opportunities, or a lack of motivation, fans could not fathom why. I was one of those critics who could not grasp why someone of their talent would disgrace the jersey for their own interests. I was especially critical of Carlos Vela, who was a big part of our Golden generation and promised us a quinto partido and more.

It took the retirement of an athlete of another sport to challenge me to finally realize that they are human just like us and they need to make their decisions based on what they value. If they value their health or family, opportunity or money may not be enough to discourage them from walking away.

We may not always agree with their decisions, and we still may be disappointed with their choices; but in the end, they don't owe us anything. Remember, as fans, we choose to support them with our time, finances, and blood, sweat and tears supporting them from the sidelines. Let this be a reminder to us, time is valuable. Much like us, our favorite athletes are faced with difficult decisions and must balance risk vs. reward.

 by: Zargento Z


1 Response

dan chapman
dan chapman

August 27, 2019

Great read! and its a good perspective. As fans we always lose perspective and put too much criticism and anger on to the players. Sometimes we do need a reality check and rediscover the fact that these are human beings, and in the end Mexico still won the Gold Cup despite the uproar. It was a great chance for some fringe and young players to stake their claim and make their mark on the national team. The Gold Cup is proof that letting younger players have a chance, even at the expense of more established players, isn’t always a disaster and could end up ending in triumph. Anyways great article/blog man! I enjoyed it

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