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Qatar 2022 World Cup Travel with La Porra

Qatar 2022 World Cup Travel with La Porra

September 25, 2019 6 Comments

Travel to Qatar 2022 with La Porra de Mexico

Ok, we know Mexico hasn’t qualified yet but it is never too early to start planning. Trust us, you do not want to get caught trying to find flights, hotels, tickets, and everything else last minute. There have been many horror stories of people not receiving what they thought they purchased or simply being scammed completely out of their money. Do not be a sob story, plan early and plan to travel with a group of people who have done this before!

What We Know

The 2022 World Cup is set for November 21, 2022 to December 18, 2022. This is not a summer World Cup. The capital city of Doha will host a majority of the matches but seven other cities will also host. However, Qatar is a relatively small country so inter-country travel is expected to be light. We also know that every World Cup the pricing increases for everything. 

Ticketing Options

There are only two options for obtaining Mexico tickets. Ok, three options. First, you can enter the random draw and hope to get Mexico tickets. No one we know got all three Mexico group game tickets in the draw. Most people ended up having to trade tickets to get Mexico tickets. The second option is to buy hospitality tickets. These are guaranteed tickets, no draw, that allow you to “follow your team” around. If you want to follow Mexico you would simply get the Mexico “follow your team” package of 2, 3, 4, or 5 Mexico games. Games beyond the 5th are available for purchase. These tickets include the best seats, category 1, lower level, and include food, drink, and pre match entertainment. You can only obtain hospitality tickets from the FIFA registered agent in your country of residence. PVA has an account set up with the FIFA registered agent, we do not use 3rd party tickets.  The final option is to show up ticketless and try to buy whatever you can at the stadium through scalpers. Mexico matches are usually sold out so this is usually difficult.

As we stated above, in 2018 we shopped around and decided as a group that guaranteed tickets in a “follow your team” package was the best option. There were approximately 85 members who went under this deal with the registered FIFA agent and everyone had a great time! Not only were the tickets guaranteed for Mexico games but the service was amazing. The FIFA agent took care of everything prior to leaving the U.S., the tickets included a stadium commemorative gift, pre match food and alcohol in a VIP area, and the seats were the best seats in the stadium. Its important to note that all the best seats are allocated to the hospitality packages so in the draw you will almost NEVER get a category 1 seat.

So lets get to the meat of what you are probably thinking, what does that cost? Well in 2018 we spent roughly $800 per ticket. We know, it sounds like a lot. However, we were seeing 3rd party vendor prices above $1000 after the group opponents were announced, and thats for category 3 tickets. Mexico is usually never a 1st seed team so you can expect a good opponent to be drawn into Mexico’s group, that would make just 1 $800 ticket worth the cost of all three.

Here is what Capi Fonso of PVA Phoenix said about hospitality tickets.

“Its been like no other ticket experience i have ever bought. Unfortunately, I have never been selected for the lottery [third World Cup] and the guaranteed hospitality tickets were a great experience.”


As we prepare La Porra Qatar 2022 package we could really use your help in deciding how to structure it. We know we can’t please everyone but if we had some idea of what the majority prefers we can start pushing FIFA and their official vendors on those items now! The earlier we reserve those items the cheaper it will be for all of us. You can take the survey below or click this link if you are having trouble to access it directly. 

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6 Responses

Eliseo barron
Eliseo barron

February 15, 2020

Yo quiero ir

Edgar peteda
Edgar peteda

February 11, 2020

Send more info and updates
Thank you

Y arriba Mexico 🇲🇽 camarones!!!!

Jaime Romero
Jaime Romero

February 11, 2020

Is one of my goals on life going to a World Cup at least one time 🙏

Cristhofer Sanchez
Cristhofer Sanchez

January 01, 2020

Christian ^^ has a great idea but unfortunately we are only able to know the city, stadium etc… 6 months prior the World Cup which means that by that time the prices for plane tickets, hotel, stadium etc.. are going to be way too expensive for some of us . Last year world cup budget was $6,000 for my self only with 1 year of anticipation not knowing where El Tri was going to play I guess it was just luck , In a different scenario , one of my friends was able to get tickets for the first 3 games but he ended up spending a little over $10,000, it can get really expensive .


October 13, 2019

Really wanna go is my dream been on n a World Cup

Christian Galvan
Christian Galvan

September 26, 2019

I would prefer a package that includes tickets to all 3 group stage matches, and hotels that are close to the stadium that Mexico will be playing in on that particular day. That way we could all walk and march to the stadium together. And maybe even a package that also includes transportation from the city Mexico just played in, to the city where their next group stage game will be. Maybe like a huge bus or multiple buses that pick up everyone in PVA at the hotel and drops off at the next hotel. That’s pretty much it, thanks for reading. Viva Mexico!

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