Vamos al Mundial!

Vamos al Mundial!

June 24, 2017

PVA Group Code For FIFA Guaranteed WC Tickets

Follow Your Team Package

Soldados! We are headed to Russia! We have linked up with the official U.S. retailer for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, these are hospitality guaranteed tickets. This is extremely important! No one else is an official retailer! NO ONE! Be careful with 3rd party vendors, they do not have guaranteed tickets. Here are the details of the package:

Ticket Purchase Link | CLICK HERE

Contact: Kegan Healy - 908.766.1001 extension (180) 

Contact: Kegan Healy -

Ticket Purchase Code | 'PVA Mexico' (Insert This in Account Under Company Name)

  • Ticket Only = $850 USD (MATCH CLUB) per match with guaranteed CAT 1 seat + hospitality.
  • Ticket sale will be between July 10, 2017 to August 10, 2017. 
  • Ticket = FOLLOW MY TEAM (Team Specific Series) 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 games! 
      • If Mexico fails to reach the 4th or 5th game that amount will be applied to another Round 4 and 5 game. No Refunds.
      • MATCH CLUB SEATS $850.00 Per Game Per Ticket
  • 60% deposit required at the time of booking. The final 40% is due by December 15, 2017. 
  • Booking will be with official FIFA WC2018 retailer, not with PVA. PVA Will not touch your money. 
  • PVA will provide a unique PVA code which FIFA will use to group us together.
      • Code = PVA Mexico 
  • Tickets purchased via our link and with our code are guaranteed. No lottery. 
  • Tickets include hospitality package which is a nice tailgate experience that includes food, drink, special stadium entry, exclusive stadium/match day gift, and more! Click on link for FIFA Hospitality Details.
  • Booking of hotel and inner country travel will be done in December 2017 and January 2018 depending on demand and Mexico group play. 

Below are some questions that have been asked, if you have any additional questions please send them and we will post an answer.

Q. $850 is crazy expensive, FIFA is showing tickets for $210 USD on their page!

A. The $210 price you see for the FIFA ticket lottery. There is no guarantee you will be selected. In fact, the first phase of ticket lottery sales already occurred. You may or may not get the ticket. You will be traveling at your own risk. While the price is more expensive you are guaranteed a ticket and a luxury experience at the stadium. 

Q: What is Match Club, Match Pavillion, and Match Business on the order page?

A: Those are different levels of hospitality experience, it has nothing to do with your seat. Buy the MATCH CLUB ticket, its the cheapest one. The other ones just means you get better food and other perks like an official gift over $20.00. GET MATCH CLUB!

Q. I do not want a hotel, I will book my own travel and hotel!

A: We are not requiring you to book a hotel or air travel. The only thing we are trying to do is put 100 or more people together inside the stadium. Just book your tickets once we post the link and use our code so that we are all seated together! The ticket only option is $850.00 USD per guaranteed ticket and it includes a VIP experience inside the stadium with all you can and drink. Remember buy MATCH CLUB!

Q: I want to buy everything at once, hotel and travel at one time. Can I do that with this website and code you will provide?

A: Yes and No! For now, you can only buy the tickets! In December, once we know Mexico's exact group and play dates we will have a hotel/services package available.

Q: Do you know what the hotels and air travel will cost?

A: No, we are not booking anything or handling any money. Once we have the page and code then you can see all the information on costs right there! The only cost we know is that game tickets will be $850 USD per game.

Q: Can we book game 4 and 5 through this page?

A: Yes, PVA will be doing the FOLLOW YOUR TEAM series which will allow you to book in advance match 4 and 5. 

Q: If I buy the follow your team for 4, 5, or 6 matches what happens if Mexico doesn't make it that far?

A: You will receive a full credit to a different match 4, 5, or 6 game according to the terms of the FIFA reseller. 

Q: Do you have to be a PVA Member to get the PVA Code?

A: No. This is not a member only package. Everyone can go and we will be posting the code publicly. We want to INVADE Russia! Everyone who supports Mexico is welcomed!

Q: If you do not get 100 people is the package cancelled?

A: No! If we only have 1 person then we only have 1 person. The package will still go on. 


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