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Chapter Criteria

Get Involved, Join or Create a Chapter! 


Have you looked for a chapter in your area but one has not been established? Is there a chapter in your city but its Battalion Bar is not convenient to you? Do you and your friends want to start your own chapter? Well first of, we don’t do chapters...we do Battalions.

Pancho Villa’s Army™ Battalion Criteria

  • A minimum of 25 paid Pancho Villa's Army™ members
  • Have a committed Battalion Bar, where members can meet to watch each gameComplete the Battalion registration form
  • Host a viewing party for EVERY MEXICO GAME
  • Maintain constant communication with the Villa’s Army Headquarters

Battalion Benefits

  1. Free Battalion Banner from Villa’s Army Headquarters
  2. Free Battalion website, must use our chapter website
  3. Free logo design and production of Battalion Crest for your Chapter
  4. Battalion receives discount on merchandise, as well as benefits in other areas
  5. Battalion can use official Villa’s Army logo for Battalion specific merchandise, must be approved and purchased through Villa’s Army Headquarters
  6. Battalion receives free promotional swag from Villa’s Army Headquarters in national advertising campaigns
  7. Battalion is eligible for promotional funding from Villa’s Army Headquarters
  8. Battalion receives national recognition for hosting events and successes in pursuing our mission objectives
  9. Many more benefits as we grow and leverage the Army’s size to retailers

Want to Start a Battalion?

Check and see if your city already has a Battalion:

If there isn’t a Battalion in your city, or you want to start your own, see our rules of eligibility on this page.

Steps required to build a Battalion

  1. Have a minimum of 5 paid Villa’s Army members - Probationary Status
  2. Find and Establish a Battalion Bar for your watching Headquarters
  3. Spread the word through social networks (facebook, twitter, Google+) to communicate with local leagues, clubs, and other soccer groups in your area. 
  4. Like and retweet all Villa’s Army posts, blogs, and tweets in order to tap into our national presence and allow other people in your city to find your Battalion
  5. Sign up 25 people within one year to qualify for Official Villa’s Army Battalion status

Helpful Hints:

Finding the right bar: 

A good soccer bar is a bar that will partner with you in hosting El Tri fans on game day. The bar needs to be committed to showing the games, with sound, every time El Tri plays. Approach a manager and see if they would be willing to host you. In exchange for becoming a Battalion Bar they will get a lot of free publicity through facebook, twitter, and Pancho Villa's Army website.

Reaching 25 Paid Members:

Hosting your first event is a huge undertaking and Villa’s Army Headquarters is here to help promote your event. We will use our huge national social network to ensure maximum attendance and work with you to leverage our national advertising and marketing strength.

Start by inviting your personal friends, like our Facebook page, retweet our tweets, and take lots of pictures of your Battalion in action to increase your Battalion’s exposure through social media. Partner up with local Hispanic and/or Mexican Organizations to gain access to their members. Talk to local soccer leagues and promote your efforts through their websites.

Talk to the bar manager and see if they would be willing to provide “happy hour” specials for your event. In addition, see if they would be willing to put your event on their website for more cross promotion.

Also, be sure to bring a laptop or iPad to all Battalion events to sign up members.  The best way to sign members up is to do it while their passion is highest. If you need flyers to pass out request them from the Villa’s Army Headquarters.

Once you have 25 members in your Battalion the fun truly begins!

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