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'More than the world's greatest fans' -; by Gabe Zaldivar. October 8, 2020. " Pancho Villa's Army is more than a supporters group. What Tristan helped create is a movement."

'America's Team' -; by Michael Baumann. June 11, 2018. “Many of us went to college in the U.S. and were influenced greatly by the American sports culture’s entertainment side. We view Mexican soccer the way you’d view a college football game, because many of us grew up on college campuses going to football games.”

'How Mexico is Recruiting Another Kind of Dual National' -; by Henry Bushnell June 7, 2018. “One of them was Sergio Tristan, a Texas-born lawyer and U.S. Army veteran, the son of two Mexican immigrants." 

'United States of El Tri; Mexico Owns America's World Cup Spotlight' -; by @BrianStraus. May 30, 2018. “We are dipped in both cultures—we eat burgers the same way we eat tacos; our education is in English, and we consume our media in English—but we’re also Mexican.”

'Too Mexican for Americans. Too American for Mexicans.'; by Sean Berry. June 2018. "In advance of the World Cup, I joined the ranks of the Dallas Battalion of Pancho Villa's Army." 

'Pancho Villa's Army: el Ejercito de Aficionados Mexicanos Que Invade a Estados Unidos' -; by @BaronBarraBrava. March 27, 2018. "A partir del amor al futbol cree las amistades que nos ayudaron a mi y mi compania a cumplir con nuestra mision asignada por el ejercito." 

'Jonathan Gonzalez Chose Mexico but Life Goes On for Young U.S. Squad' -; by @NoahEDavis. March 21, 2018. "After losing Jesse Gonzalez, and William Yarbrough, it was nice to rub it in [landing Jonathan Gonzalez], especially after the U.S. failed to qualify for the World Cup. Two wins in a row are nice." 

'Downtown SA Becomes Ground Zero For Mexican Soccer' -; by Roy Bragg. January 30, 2018. "Pancho Villa's Army has caught the eye of marketers like Estrella Jalisco." 

'Pancho Villa's Army Takes Takes On the U.S. in Support of the Mexican National Team' -; by Joe Favorito. January 24, 2018. "It resonates with us because its the team our fathers and grandfathers loved." 

Richard Guel, El Coronel de Pancho Villa's Army -; by Unknown. January 18, 2018. "Along with over 2000 of Pancho Villa’s Army closest friends we made our way to the Rose Bowl." 

'Pancho Villa's Army Partners with Estrella Jalisco' -; by Unknown. January 18, 2018. "We are thrilled to have a partner like Estrella Jalisco join us as we cheer Mexico on to victory." 

Entrevista a Pancho Villa's Army (Video) -; by Unknown. July 20, 2017. 

'Expect One Big Fiesta' says El Coronel -; by Unknown. June 2, 2017. "We are the only supporter group for the National Team of Mexico." 

Nissan enhances multi-year partnership with Mexican National Soccer Team to include special supporters group. -; Press Release, May 26, 2017. "Its a pleasure to work with this group of enthusiastic fans."

Pancho Villa's Army ha unido a los Mexicanos en EU -; by Arthur Guisasola, February 7, 2017. "Nosotros hemos unido a los Mexicanos en Estados Unidos." 

At USA v. Mexico, There Will Be a Big, Awkward Elephant in the Room -; by Leander Schaerlaeckens, November 8, 2016.
"The current political climate gives Mexican people the feeling that chants and tee shirts have a subtle connotation."

Pancho Villa's Army: The role of football in Mexican-American identity -; by Tom Harrison (@Tomh_36), November 11, 2015.
"Marco, part of the Phoenix "Battalion", described the group's meet-ups, which take place every time Mexico play, as empowering!"

United States and Mexico clash captures imagination among fans - www.; by Cesar Hernandez & Tom Marshall, October 13, 2015.
"When my family came here from Mexico, we huddled around our food, our language, our culture and our community."

United States v. Mexico; the 50-50 Challenge -; by Andrea Canales, October 7, 2015.
"Mexico is better. The U.S. has nothing at the moment. This is easily the worse U.S. team in recent history."

Cuando Una Playera De Mexico Fue Arma De Ayuda En La Guerra De Irak -, October 7, 2015. 
"Lo que mas me ayudo para hacer relacciones con los Iraquies fue el futbol."

Pancho Villa's Army: La Porra Viajera del Tri -; by Magaly Ayala, September 4, 2015. 
"Formar una organizacion donde los Mexicanos se pudieran unir para apoyar a la seleccion."

They Want You For Pancho Villa's Army -; by Jose Romero, July 8, 2015. 
"They will party - Puro Pinche Party - and march to Mexico matches in the United States, and be some of the most visible and loud fans of El Tri at any venue."

The Complicated Simplicity of Fandom -; by Jeff Beckham, April 23, 2015.  "Gathering among fellow Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, speaking Spanish, eating our food, and just enjoying the way we celebrate through sport."

Million of U.S. Soccer Fans are Cheering for Mexico -; by Loan Grillo, June 17, 2014. "We can fill out stadiums all over the United States. And the numbers are matched with our passion."

Fan Group Pancho Villa's Army Leads Mexico Soccer's Invasion of the U.S. -; by Tom Marshall, June 3, 2014
"The Mexican national team is the best supported team in the US and I say that even related to American football, to baseball."

The Beginning of Pancho Villa's Army - Pacific Standard Magazine; by Ryan O'Hanlan, May 15, 2014. "The most popular soccer in the United States is one that plays against the United States."

Pancho Villa's Army Unites El Tri Fans in the U.S. -; by @Afroxander, April 16, 2013. "Undoubtedly, there are many fans of Mexico's National Team in the USA...but there's no supporter group that unifies them in any way. This is where Pancho Villa's Army comes in."

Pancho Villa's Army -; by Noah Davis, July 24, 2013. 
"The Gold Cup [2013] was the first time the army gathered at a match, and the response surprised the first generation Mexican-American."

Conflicted Allegiances at Mexico-U.S. Soccer Match -; by M.Mikayla Martinez, May 20, 2015.
"When you're born in the U.S., but you have family in Mexico, that's when you have a dilemma."?


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