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Pancho Villa’s Army maintains a long standing tradition of assigning ranks to individuals within the Army. The rank structure is a useful tool in many ways. It provides a distinguishing reward to those that place the greatest effort in building Pancho Villa’s Army; It encourages organization and unity within Pancho Villa’s Army and it helps identify our leaders to those outside of the La Porra de Mexico.

The Army rank that you obtain can go on all your La Porra de Mexico's gear, including your member T-Shirts. Just like in the real Army, the harder you work the more recognition you obtain! Sign up Soldado, bring your friends, promote up the ranks! Can you be a General?
Soldado Soldado This is the initial rank for all of Villa’s Army’s members. The Soldado is the soldier on the front lines. He is the one that wins the war with blood and guts. In Villa's Army the Soldado is the core of our fan group. Only the Soldado's passion can propel Mexico's National Team to glory! 
Sergeant Sergeant Sergeants are the first line leaders of the Army. They are the primary groomers of the newest Soldados. Their responsibilities include organizing new members, teaching them our chants and songs, informing them about our code of conduct, and ensuring new Soldados feel welcomed.

Promotion to Sergeant: Must be recommended for promotion by the Soldado's Battalion's Captain. To be recommended you must have demonstrated commitment to the Battalion. You must have been present at a majority of the watch parties, helpful in organizing events, and have demonstrated some leadership qualities in growing the Battalion. 
Sergeant Major Sergeant
Battalion Head Recruiter

The highest of our enlisted ranks, the Sergeant Major is a senior leader in Villa's Army and their responsibility includes ensuring Sergeants are appropriately welcoming new Soldados into the Army. They also serve as the main recruiter for Villa's Army in their Battalion's area of operation. Additionally, Sergeant Majors' are the right hand man for Battalion Lieutenants in all Battalion and National Army events.

Promotion to Sergeant Major: Must be nominated by the Battalion membership and willing to accept the responsibility to be the Battalion's head recruiter. 
Lieutenant Lieutenant Battalion Coordinator & Liaison

The first officer rank of Villa's Army, the Lieutenant is a primary leader of a Battalion and the direct representative of the Battalion to local organizations. Their main responsibility is to coordinate all local events, coordinate events with the Villa's Army Headquarters, and encourage growth of the Battalion.

Promotion to Lieutenant: Must be nominated by the Battalion membership and willing to accept the responsibility to be the Battalion's social chair and coordinator with local organizations.
Captain Captain Battalion Leader

The Captain is a special rank in Villa's Army, it's usually earned by someone who has had a long history within the Army and has done a lot to promote the Battalion. If not a Battalion leader then they are one of the main advisors to the leadership of the Battalion. Their experience is invaluable. They should be the best example of what a Villa's Army Soldado should be in conduct, presentation, dedication, and motivation.

Promotion to Captain: Must be a leader, or former leader, of an active Battalion. May be nominated by the Council of Colonels  to the General's War Council if the Soldado has shown leadership qualities at the National level commensurate with the rank of Captain.
Colonel Colonel The "Old Man" as we affectionately call Soldados who have reached this rank, the Colonel is a senior national leader of the Army. If not a Battalion elected leader then the Colonel is not only an advisor to the elected leader of the Battalion but also a primary advisor to the Villa's Army Headquarters.

Promotion to Colonel: Must be nominated for promotion by the Council of Colonels to the General's War Council.To be nominated you must have been active in your local Battalion activities, been a leader and advisor to the Battalion, travel to National Headquarter events, and demonstrated leadership qualities at the National level.
General General General: The highest rank in Pancho Villa's Army, not many reach this height and earn the privilege of being called "Mi General" by Villa's Army's Soldados.

Promotion to General: Must be selected for promotion by the General's War Council.

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