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WC 2022 Ticket Reservation Q & A

Q: Are these tickets guaranteed?

A: Yes! FIFA produces guaranteed "Follow Your Team" packages that includes all three group games! These are higher priced VIP tickets. PVA works directly with the registered FIFA ticket agent in the U.S. and has separated 100 ticket only "Follow Mexico" packages. *updated 200 ticket packages*

Q: What is the total cost for the ticket package?

A: The final cost has not been finalized but the estimated cost is between $2,400 to $3,600. We should have the final cost by early 2021. 

Q: How many ticket packages can you reserve?

A: As many as you want! Remember, there are no refunds on reservation deposits. 

Q: When will you start charging my card for the total of the packages?

A: We will not charge your card again. We will email you once we have the final total and provide a new authorization form to allow you to select your payment schedule. At that time you will provide a new authorization to a payment schedule with a new card. 

Q: Do I have to pay on a payment schedule or can I just pay the full amount once we have the total cost?

A: You can pay the entire amount at one time. That is not a problem.

Q: I reserved 2 packages but one of them is for my friend. Can they use their own card to pay for the package once we receive the package total and payment schedule?

A: Yes! We can give your friend a package reservation authorization form so they can pay for their own package and you can pay for yours. Both are reserved and both can be paid by different people under different cards. You do not need to pay for your friend and then have them pay you back. 

Q: If I reserve 2 ticket packages do I have to pay for both and then get my friend to pay me back?

A: No! See above. We can charge you and your friend separately using a separate authorization form with a payment schedule. Each one will provide their own card directly and select your payment schedule.

Q: Do you know the payment schedule for the rest of the ticket package?

A: Not at this time. As soon as we know we will let you know. Expect to begin a payment schedule by early 2021. We will do our best to work with you. 

Q: Does this ticket package include hotel and travel?

A: No. This is solely for match tickets. We will have hotel, airfare, and other packages available in 2021. 

Q: Will you have travel and hotel packages to add on to the tickets soon?

A: Yes! We expect to have those ready for 2021. We can combine it all under one payment plan and schedule next year. 

Q: Do I have to purchase PVA hotel and travel package if I get the PVA ticket package?

A: No! You can absolutely book your own travel and hotel separately on your own. If you want to book a travel and hotel package with us we will have those available too but separately. 

Q: Is the reservation deposit refundable?

A: No. There are no refunds on the deposit. 

Q: Can I cancel my reservation?

A: Yes. You can cancel anytime. The deposit is nonrefundable but the payment schedule will have its' own refund schedule.  

We will be updating this page as more questions come in, stay tuned!


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